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THE SEVEN MAIN REASONS TO LEARN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE AT AN EARLY AGE The positive effect on intellectual growth and the enhancement of mental development The development of flexible thinking, skillful listening and, sensibility Improving the understanding of the mother tongue Let the child communicate more easily with people not met under other circumstances Opening the mind to other cultures and helping to understand and appreciate people from other countries Providing a language of increased impor- tance for future studies Broadening the range of career opportu- nities for which language skills are impor- tant, even essential THE + of the Alliance française Age-specific curriculum created by experts Programs constantly updated to incorporate the latest research in child development Regular assessments and communication with parents An official testing center

All students over 6 years old are grouped by age and skills, beginner, intermediate and advanced. UNDER 5 TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS Children interact and learn through songs, rhymes, stories, art, crafts and, games in playgroups, using the method of immersion. Children are exposed to new sounds and rhythms, in a joyful atmosphere lead by a native French speaking educator. AGES 5-6 For children between the ages of 5 and 6 years, we have established, with the help of specialists, a program specifically for children learning takes place in a manner both pleasant and active for all children. AGES 7-9 For children between the ages of 7 to 9 years, the French language is introduced progressively : listening, speaking, singing and working on educational projects that contribute to the global developing the child. Each child will be prepared to the DELF Prim which is an official diploma that certifies the child’s level of proficiency in “French as a Foreign Language”. AGES 10 -12 Children are placed in a rich and stimulating linguistic and cultural environment where, right from the beginning of the program, French is the language of communication. The study program aims at developing the ability to orally interact in French, to develop the understanding of oral and written texts, and to write texts. Each child will be prepared to the DELF Prim which is an official diploma that certifies the child’s level of proficiency in “French as a Foreign Language”. TEENAGERS (One-on-one classes) Courses for teenagers have a dual purpose of providing academic support and increasing fluency. Courses are motivating and communicative, constructed around a syllabus of language and skills. They also provide the opportunity to take internationally recognized language tests for those who wish to. Each child will be prepared to the DELF junior which is an official diploma that certifies tthe competency of candidates in the French.

PROGRAM FOR BILINGUAL (One-on-one classes) An ideal solution to for a child enrolled in an international program in support of learning French. A new program designed, for French speaking children enrolled in the American school system, to acquire a perfect command of French and to permit the integration of those seeking to enroll, at a later stage, in a school with a French curriculum. A true academic support for 1st to 8th grade with personalized assistance and individual solutions. For more information, contact the coordinator of this program who will, during a conversation or a meeting, explain to you the program best suited based on your goals and the needs of your child.