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The originality of the Alliance française is a personalized teaching, based on a constructive dialogue with the teacher, integrating the cultural dimension in language learning.
The curriculum follows the guidelines of the FRAMES program defining the different levels of language learning, thus able to be a global point of view and optimize the choice of courses.

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The Alliance française provides quality programs for bilingual and non bilingual children at an affordable cost to families. Knowledgeable educators conduct classes and workshops/summer camps with integrity and sensitivity. Our age-appropriate curriculum is shaped by a team of experts belonging to the network of the Alliance française USA. Regular communications from your child’s teachers will keep you updated on how your child is progressing.



The Alliance Française provides customized private one- on-one and semi-private instruction with fully qualified teachers. Start at any time and benefit from flexible scheduling and personalized instruction.
It is available for adults, kids, and teens at all levels of proficiency. Lessons are tailored to address an individual or group’s particular needs with flexible scheduling throughout the day or evening. Lessons take place at the Alliance française center or at a private home or office. Alliance française also provides private classes via Skype.
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RATES (as off September 2016)
Private classes are sold in bundles of 6 hours minimum
one person ($65/hr) 6 hours minimum: $390
20-hour package with two free hours ($59.09/person/hr): $1300 per person
two people ($37/person/hr) 6 hours minimum: $222 per person
20-hour package with two free hours ($33.63/person/hr): $740 per person
one person ($75/hr): $450
20-hour package with two free hours ($68.18/person/hr): $1500 per person
two people ($42/person/hr) 6 hours minimum: $252 per person
20-hour package with two free hours ($38.18/person/hr): $840 per person



Cours d’anglais pour les francophones

Vous venez d’arriver à Los Angeles, et vous avez besoin d’un petit coup de pouce en anglais? L’objectif de ce cours est de fournir aux étudiants les compétences linguistiques nécessaires pour comprendre et se faire comprendre en toute confiance auprès des anglophones. L’accent sera mis sur l’expression orale, la prononciation, la compréhension et le vocabulaire.

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In addition to group classes of varying intensity, we propose customized courses, designed to professional groups.
The groups consist of only 4 to 12 trainees to ensure that each one gets the opportunity to speak and to benefit from the trainer’s individual attention.
The Alliance française offers companies two options of group classes to choose from : on your premises or at our location.
In either case, we guarantee you an interesting as well as effective learning through optimal formation and organization.
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