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Alliance Française de Pasadena

find the french finI

“Find the French” has moved to MAY 20! too many of you said they wanted to attend but were not able to, due to spring break and family commitments.
Join us for this special event and put your senses to taste/test with cheeses, wines, chocolates, Champagne, perfumes and more…
The rule of the game is to taste, smell, touch and find the French goodies among impostors! Of course, there can only be one winner… and one prize.
Location: Alliance Française de Pasadena

The $35 fee will go towards our fundraiser to help us move.
AFDP IS NOT subsidized by the French government and is a 501(c) (3) TAX DEDUCTIBLE organization

Ready to play and have fun?  Register HERE


Nicole’s Market and Café, Place Vendôme, Wine of the Month Club, Sephora and Pop Champagne

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