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Accelerated course for complete beginnners

5 weeks
30 hours
Monday and Wednesday06pm - 09pm8 January, 2018 - 08 February, 2018REGISTER

Accelerated course Jan 2018This accelerated class will get you from Level A1.a to A1.b in half the time! This course is for students who have no prior knowledge of French. You will learn basic language skills to introduce yourself and others, to ask and answer common questions, and to write a brief note. Guided grammar study of regular present tense verbs and common irregular verbs être (to be) and avoir (to have), as well as negation and interrogation will allow you to enjoy simple interactions in French. You will learn common colloquial idioms, how to present and respond to invitations, and how to give instructions. You will continue your study of present tense irregular verbs, and learn how to express time using verb tenses of present (présent) and past (passé composé). You will be able to talk about yourself and your favorite activities and celebrations, and you will write your opinion on a simple subject. Book: Entre Nous 1  $55.00. Books may be purchased in our office.

Class taught by May. No REFUNDS or CREDITS for this class

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