emmaExecutive Director
Emma Franks

Emma Franks is the Executive Director of the Alliance Française de Pasadena. She is a native French speaker from Strasbourg, France. She has a BA in English and a Master’s degree in French as a foreign and as a second language in schools and businesses. She was a language teacher with over a decade of experience teaching English, French, and Spanish in France and in California. Students varied from beginner to Masters level, at companies, in colleges and in language schools. She is also a DELF-DALF/TCF examiner, a translator (English-French) and a writer. She has 2 blogs : one about tips to discover California and  one about the French language and culture. She became a teacher trainer certified by TV5MONDE in 2017. She is eager to share her language knowledge and experience.



nicole-cadreAssistant Director/
Communication Design
Nicole Marquis

Born and raised in Paris, France. Nicole always wanted a life in the United States. She first came to this country as a foreign exchange student and then came back to study interior design in college. After working with design firms in Los Angeles, she took on photography and started a pet photography service. Nicole joined the Alliance Française de Pasadena in 2004. She is an official accredited examiner for the DELF, DALF and TCF exams. Her passions are nature, animals, design and food.